Steel Rhino Tattoo Studio’s FAQ

Please read FAQ in full before contacting Steel Rhino Tattoo Studio

How do I get tattooed by you?

To begin The process you should first review his portfolio to get an idea for his styles of tattoos. Once you decide on the style of the tattoo you can click on the contact page and fill out the consult form. Please be very thorough in your description.

What happens next?

After you fill out your consult form it will then be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation email shortly after. It can take several days to receive a confirmation email so please be patient.

Can I see my artwork before my appointment?

I typically do most of my artwork 24 hours before or day of the appointment. It is understandable that some people need to see

sketches of their tattoo before their appointment and are very particular about their artwork. If this is the case, respectively, I may not be the artist that fits your needs.

I’m getting a realistic looking tattoo, can I see a sketch of my tattoo?

Most of my designs are made from real photos. A design idea will be an email to you close to your appointment date or the day of. Changes to the design can be made the day of.

What kind of tattoos do I love to tattoo?

Animal portraits, color realism, floral work(witH Freedom), anything trippy fun/surrealism, cartoony design (check out new school), Neo traditional

What kind of tattoos do I not do?

Pinterest tattoos, infinity signs, script.

What if I’m not the best artist for your project?

There is a talented artist that also works here at steel rhino tattoo studio. If I think that your project could be better handled

by another artist here, you will receive a direct referral to them.

Do you have a selection of artwork to choose from for my next tattoo?

I typically have designs or ideas available. If that is something that interests you please make a note of it while filling out your consult form.

What are my rates?

– $1000 for a full day: usually 8 to 10 hours.

– $500 for a half day: usually 3 to 5 hours.

– $120/hour.

These rates also include prep work, photos of the tattoo, wrapping the tattoo and education on how to care for the tattoo.

Things to bring for your appointment:

You are more than welcome to bring a pillow or blanket, music, snacks… Proper clothing for the area getting tattooed such as shorts/swimsuit/robe/tank top.

How often do I tattoo?

I typically tattoo Monday through Friday. Some days I do multiple tattoos a day and other days I do one tattoo. Just depends on peoples preferences and my availability at that time. I do have a busy family life, but if anything happens or comes up I will sometimes try to fit my reschedules on Saturdays and Sundays if needed.

ALL Tattoo appointment start at 10 AM – no exceptions – unless otherwise specified by artist.

Do you accept walk-ins?

I am an appointment only artist. You can schedule your appointment by filling out the consult form on the Contacts page.

Do tattoos hurt?


Do I have to fill out a consultation form?

Yes, as it will answer many of the initial questions we will have for you and it will help begin the conversation to get you the tattoo that you want.

How soon can I book an appointment?

I usually am booked out several months in advance. Please watch my Facebook page as well as the home website page as we will post when the books are open – typically as soon as they open we fill fast!

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